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Immersive Workout Experience
From the Comfort of Your Members' Home

Open Your Gym to Members From The Comfort of Their Home


Spivi Home allows you to use your Spivi Studio system to connect with people around the world, from the comfort of their home. It collects data such as power, cadence, speed, distance, and heart rate from sensors at home. Then, it combines that data with personal information stored in the cloud, such as age, weight, and performance history. Finally, it generates and broadcasts visuals, including unique group simulation, leaderboards,  and more, to home users—all in real-time.


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Track your members real-time performance, provide mind-blowing workout experiences, send post-workout data analysis, and lead a community.

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Still don't have Spivi Studio in your facility? See what others say about it:

"They absolutely love it! Let the instructors fall in love with it and your member will fall in love with it. I think what they like best about it is that they're finding themselves working harder."

Scott Sorkin, Owner, Tone Zone

"Our purchase of Spivi has been one of the best business decisions we have made. We use Spivi to acquire new members every day, people just love it! The staff at Spivi is wonderful to work with, and questions are answered in a very timely fashion. Thanks for a great product!

Yaron Sela, Managing Director, Great Shape

"I thought the animated scenery was too gimmicky. It has been running in my studio for weeks and I have heard people tell me how motivating seeing the bike up on the screen is for them. So glad I went for your fully featured product."

Jay Shapka, Owner, Cyklus Vancouver

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